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    Acidity Medicine | Amlata Nashak Churn

    500.00 450.00

    Acidity or a burning sensation in the stomach is a common condition that mainly comes a burning sensation in the chest,  this burning sensually is felt around lower part of chest the acidic contain of the stomach enter the food pipe is the main cause of acidity there is a acid called hydro chloric acid in the stomach. It breaks the food into pieces and protects the disease like Octavia.

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    Amla Powder | Amla Churna

    Amla is a common fruit but it is a power house of nutrients it is a uncommon balance of sweet, sour, punget and bitter flavors. Benefits of Amla powder are plenty; it can be consumed in the form of juice, pickle, jam and in the forms of powder. It a very rich source of vitamin c, iron and calcium it also offers a number of beauty benefits for hair and skin. Te Amla powder is great for boosting your immunity and it also has other wonderful benefits for hair and skin.

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    Arthritis Medicine | Gathiya Churn

    1,000.00 850.00

    Arthritis is such a disease that parts of the body such as hand, legs and shoulder should be in any joint, due to the effect of which jam can cause unbearable pain in the joints.

    Such a disease arises due to excessive uric acid in the body, though uric acid keeps out of the body with urine, but when it does not come out completely for some reason and stops in the body then the cause of this disease. When uric acid stops getting out of the body or decreases, then its volume increases in the body, due to which the pain in the joints of the hands and feet begins to occur.
    Hand legs also sometimes become crooked and that part of the body is not able to do their work too.

    To get rid of all this, the powder and oil of Manee g pharma has proved to be very useful exercising by massaging oil twice a day is of great benefit.

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    Ashwagandha Powder

    Ashwagandha is the most important herbs in Ayurveda  a form  alternative medicines based on Indian principles of naturally healing it has been used forever 3000 yrs to relief stress increase energy levels and improve concentration .it is Sanskrit for smells of horse which refers both its unique smell and ability to increase strength by using of ashwagandha power it is very use full for body.


    is the most important herbs in ayurveda  a form  alternative medicines based on Indian principles of naturally healing it has been used forever 3000 yrs to relief stress increase energy levels and improve concentration .it is Sanskrit for smells of horse which refers both its unique smell and ability to increase strength by using of ashwgandha power it is very use full for body


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    Constipation Medicine | Kabj Mukti Churn

    500.00 450.00

    Constipation medicine removes all kinds of  filth in the stomach, which makes the stomach clear. Without any diseases in the stomach, hunger increases and food also becomes digested, resulting in new healthy blood in the body and improvement in health it is certain that all diseases in the body arise from bad eating habits and its main center is stomach when the stomach remains clean and the food is digested properly, then it will automatically get rid of many diseases. Even if there is dryness in the stomach, its use begins to feel relieved within a few days and motion is cured.

    This medicine effect on constipation by using it this powder the gastric and acidic problems automatically finished .While a smooth and soft stool comes out the human body feels fresh.

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    Coriander Powder | Shudh Dhaniya Powder

    100.00 50.00

    SHUDH DHANIYA POWDER as the name implies, it is pure purity means that there is no adulteration in it, it is used as a spice in the kitchen to increase the taste of vegetables and keep your health in mind.  Due to being pure, it can be used along with the kitchen as well as medicines.

    Dhaniya is used to make curry thick and to improve taste of our food. It is used as a medicine in many diseases.

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    Dant Manjan Powder

    Dant manjan powder(tooth paste powder) a product of maneeg is most power full medicated product for the gems as well as teeth this powder is a combination of 10 different types of products and herbs. by using this gums becomes strong as a result the dental problem like pioria a disease in which blood and pus comes out from gums would be solved and the teeny food particles that are left in between gums was posed out bad odor from mouth would be ceased. Saliva gland works properly and teeth would be shine well.

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    Diabetes Medicine | Madhumeh Nashak Churn

    650.00 585.00

    When the liver does not change the amount of glucose in the fructose in the body, then this glucose gets in the blood, which increases the amount of sugar in the blood and it starts to thicken and its flow decreases. This is called diabetes, due to diabetes, heart attack, BP etc. begins and the eyes also become worse. This disease is malignant, it can not be completely eliminated, but it can be balanced.

    Diabetes is a dangerous disease for human body. It generates many other diseases,blood pressure and weakness in the body. It is due to non transformation of sugar in fructose by liver of insulin generation is also a main factor. Madhumeh nashak churn controls the variation in sugar in the body so that other factors effects slow to damage the body.

    When the sugar does not convert into fructose then it goes to blood veins is called excess of sugar in blood it is diabetes. It is really due to less generation of insulin which is caused sugar convert into fructose.

    The powder controls the insulin system so excess of sugar does not occurs.

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    Digestive Problem Medicine | Supachya Churn

    500.00 450.00

    The digestive system consists of many internal organs of the body. Which are all connected to each other with help of a tube. The digestive system consists of many organs from mouth to anus including the food pipe, stomach and small and large intestine. Apart from this the liver, gallbladder and pancreas are also included in the digestive system as it provide digestive juices to digest all foods. The digestive system helps in the absorption of essential nutrients in the body and removes waste from the body.

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    Dysfunction Medicine & Oil | Youn Bal Vardhak Churn

    1,150.00 1,100.00

    Dysfunction medicine are helpful in eliminating impotence of men. This powder helps in increasing the amount of sperm which prevents the thickening of semen in the semen. It takes more time to get it out which increases sex time and is fully enzyme. This oil is very miraculous, massaging it increases blood circulation and tension increases in the muscles.

    Medicine is useful for impotency .It improves the quantity of sperms and makes it thick which controls the problem of dysfunction.

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    Fat Loss Medicine | Motapa Mukti Churn

    1,000.00 975.00

    Fat medicine is very effective to reduce extra fat gradually from human body. We never advice to live empty stomach because the powder manage the diet itself.

    It does not have any side effect .This powder removes extra fat from human body so any person looks smart and good it makes a body physically fit over weighted person have many health problems but it improve the body fitness by loosing the weight.

    Every body wants be slim and smart but fatty person always feels inferiority complex due to which he feels ignorance. By using this powder he can be slim and smart.

    Belly fat medicine eliminates excess fat which is deposited on your body. It balances your appetite but you are not asked to be hunger in any way, by eating it, there is no weakness in your body. It makes the whole energy equal in your body so that you can do all your work whole hardly. You have no idea of hunger. It ignites the extra fat deposited inside your stomach which is out of the body through urine and stool. By which you gradually begin to feel your body light, this action keeps moving, for this you should use this powder regularly.

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    Fissure Medicine | Fissure Nashak Churn

    1,200.00 975.00

    Fisher is dangerous disease in which the patient does not know whether the burn is taking place at the time of latrine and where the blood is falling, so much irritation is beyond tolerance.

    Fissure is a more chronic disease. The hemorrhoids are in the inner side of anus. No body can not see them. But a lot of burning, bleeding and swelling occurs during motion. This powder is very useful for the same. It gives complete relief.

    Fissure medicine is effective in getting rid of this problem, where in the stomach it eliminates irritation and inhibits the flow of blood from inside, putting the same oil inside the anus, heals the wound upstairs within four to five days, the difference starts to appear and in the end, it gets cured. The patient should continue to maintain the PRHEJ for two to three months and take medicine as well, so that the problem can not be repeated, this disease is more dry in the stomach. It gets completely cured so do not worry.