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Motapa mukti churn is very effective to reduce extra fat gradually from human body. We never advice to live empty stomach because the powder manage the diet itself.

It does not have any side effect .This churn removes extra fat from human body so any person looks smart and good it makes a body physically fit over weighted person have many health problems but it improve the body fitness by loosing the weight.

Every body wants be slim and smart but fatty person always feels inferiority complex due to which he feels ignorence. By using this powder he can be slim and smart.

Manee G Pharma’s motapa mukti churn eliminates excess fat which is deposited on your body. It balances your appetite but you are not asked to be hunger in any way, by eating it, there is no weakness in your body. It makes the whole energy equal in your body so that you can do all your work whole hardly. You have no idea of hunger. It ignites the extra fat deposited inside your stomach which is out of the body through urine and stool. By which you gradually begin to feel your body light, this action keeps moving, for this you should use this powder regularly.

First of all, it is important to know that we have to reduce the excess fat on the body or reduce the weight of the body. Before knowing it well and understand it.

  • Weight loss or fat in obesity
    People with obesity tend to work very hard and leave food to eat, then their solution is reduced to weight, but there is no difference in obesity because the weight of obese people is less than the normal ones but due to the fat collected in the body, they appear thick . Now there is no solution to lose weight in that which is already low, it will be better to control the fat in large ones. Do you know that reducing fat is the difference in weight loss.
  • Reducing weight and Reducing excess fat
    Reducing weight and reducing increased fat Weight loss= Reducing of mussels + fat reduction+ water reduction from body. Reducing fat = reducing of excess fat deposited in the body.
    Reducing weight and reducing excess fat Weight loss= Reducing of mussels + fat reduction+ water reduction from body. Reducing fat = reducing of excess fat deposited in the body.
    When you try to lose weight, muscles are also weak from the body and the amount of water is also low when fat is reduced due to excess fat stored in the right way.
  • Weight loss means eating disturbed food
    Weight loss means eating disturbed food weight loss is mostly done by decreasing the amount of food consumed and without proper training for exercise. While reducing fat is exactly the opposite, eating the right diet and eating can also reduce fat by eating and exercising.
  • Fitness level
    Fitness level falls due to weight loss, while fat reduces fitness is right when we try to lose weight, our body is weak, which is harmful to body and health, but reducing fat fits the body.
  • Efficiency
    Efficiency Weight loss is equal to low efficiency, reducing fat means increase in the capacity, decreases water and nutrition in the body during weight loss, which reduces the ability to work in the body. When fat reduces the ability of the body to function at the time of exercise and we can do double work from the body.
  • Differences in appearance
    Difficulty in showing weight reduction means old and fatigued. Reducing fat means to look younger; It is frightening to eat food during weight loss, causing body and face to be tired of fatigue and decrease the brightness of the face, causing the body to appear as old. When blood loss is true in the body during fat reduction, it shines on the face and you look younger than your age.



  • Relief in knee pain
  • It controls the high blood pressure
  • Looks smart
  • It minimize heart problems
  • Balanced the calories
  • Relief from depression
  • Skin looks clear and bright
  • Better sleep


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