Weight Gain Child Medicine | Bacho Ka Swasthya Vardhak Churn

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It is mostly seen that children of good healthy are more intelligent minds, so they are quickly remembered and their numbers are also good , while lean-thin children are trapped in memory loss due to lack of protein in the body. By which the intensity of the brain becomes like a dream and does not bring good marks in the examination so that an inferiority complex also increases in the brain.

At the same time, the famous Kautilya, as the computer boy, is so quick answer and also owns a good memory because he is healthy and can work more than weaker children can work harder and remember more. Therefore it is very important for the children to be healthy because they have to make their future bright.

A sharp mind lives in a sound body the swasthya vardhak churn makes the body healthy and strong. Which effects also on the memory of the child a child will do the hard work and learn the lesson in a short time.

Manee G Pharma ka BACHO KA SWASTHYA VARDHAK CHURN fixes the disease in the stomach, which disrupts food and does not seem to be hungry. By fixing the stomach, it enhances the digesting properly and hunger also increases. And clean new blood starts formingĀ  which makes the body healthy. This is very beneficial for children above 10 years of age. It makes the body healthy. According to a proverb, a strong mind is in a healthy body. This powder has no side effects.


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