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It is not a disease to say , it is a stop for the ages of all children when it is entering adolescence, hence there is no reason to panic. Because it happens to all people only if there are two or three turnover in dream month, there is no problem of trouble but it has been seen that some people have it every day, now it becomes a serious topic. Because it is causing great harm to the body.

Night fall is a natural process in the age of about 16 in young males. It happens 2 to 3 times in a month it is said normal dnt wry but is it increases number of times then it is a cronic problem .It damage the whole personality of the people and makes them week from every side.

Swapan dosh nashak churn helps to make normal this problem.


  • Disorder in all functions
  • Weakness of body
  • Memory and weakness of eyes
  • Do not eat food in the body
  • Fail from sleep properly Dizziness by number
  • Pain in knees
  • Erectile dysfunction


  • Listening Things to Think
  • Consumption in the Stomach and Constipation
  • Drink More Hot Milk and Sleep immediately
  • More Stress
  • Face to the Straight Roof


  • It is a mental illness, so keep the mind cool
  • Where ever is possible take bath with cold water
  • Drink no more hot milk at night. Do not sleep immediately
  • Do not sleep without washing your legs up to knees with cold water at night
  • Do not read the stimulus literature which increases excitement
  • Eat 3 hours before sleeping
  • Always sleep on the left side
  • Read a good book while sleeping
  • Do not let constipation in the stomach the urine should pass Immediately just after eating the meal
  • Definitely eat 4 times more green vegetables than the bread
  • Drink 3 liters of water daily
  • Do not drink water at all and immediately after eating

To get rid of such a horrible disease, liberation of  Manee G Pharma is achieved by taking the liberation pudding in the morning and evening.


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