Dysfunction Medicine | Youn Bal Vardhak Churn

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Manee G Pharma ka YOUN BAL VARDHAK CHURN OR TEL(oil) are helpful in eliminating impotence of men. This powder helps in increasing the amount of sperm which prevents the thickening of semen in the semen. It takes more time to get it out which increases sex time and is fully enzyme. This oil is very miraculous, massaging it increases blood circulation and tension increases in the muscles.

Youn bal vardhak churn is useful for impotency .It improves the quantity of sperms and makes it thick which controls the problem of disfunction.

Youn Bal vardhak churn immediate effects on the problem of impotency and improve the weakness such as premature ejaculation while this oil strength to weak nerves and strengthens the organs.

Manee G pharma’s sexual arousal powder and impotence in the oil body are effective in removing diseases such as semen weakness and premature ejaculation and free the disease and oil gives strength to weak nerves and strengthens the organs.


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