Weight Gain or Loss

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    Weight Gain Child Medicine | Bacho Ka Swasthya Vardhak Churn

    670.00 585.00

    It is mostly seen that children of good healthy are more intelligent minds, so they are quickly remembered and their numbers are also good , while lean-thin children are trapped in memory loss due to lack of protein in the body. By which the intensity of the brain becomes like a dream and does not bring good marks in the examination so that an inferiority complex also increases in the brain.

    At the same time, the famous Kautilya, as the computer boy, is so quick answer and also owns a good memory because he is healthy and can work more than weaker children can work harder and remember more. Therefore it is very important for the children to be healthy because they have to make their future bright.

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    Fat Loss Medicine | Motapa Mukti Churn

    1,000.00 975.00

    Motapa mukti churn is very effective to reduce extra fat gradually from human body. We never advice to live empty stomach because the powder manage the diet itself.

    It does not have any side effect .This churn removes extra fat from human body so any person looks smart and good it makes a body physically fit over weighted person have many health problems but it improve the body fitness by loosing the weight.

    Every body wants be slim and smart but fatty person always feels inferiority complex due to which he feels ignorence. By using this powder he can be slim and smart.

    Manee G Pharma’s motapa mukti churn eliminates excess fat which is deposited on your body. It balances your appetite but you are not asked to be hunger in any way, by eating it, there is no weakness in your body. It makes the whole energy equal in your body so that you can do all your work whole hardly. You have no idea of hunger. It ignites the extra fat deposited inside your stomach which is out of the body through urine and stool. By which you gradually begin to feel your body light, this action keeps moving, for this you should use this powder regularly.

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    Weight Gain Medicine | Swasthya Vardhak Churn

    1,000.00 975.00

    When any person takes every thing in diet but his weight does not grow and he looks week. At that time this product effects. It increases his hunger and improve his diet.It gives protein directly to the body so that health of the person grow up.

    Swasthya vardhak churn makes the human body healthy and strong .It gives the power to work hard.It does not have any side effect.

    This churn improve the health of a human body it builds the muscles in the body which increase the weight it increase the resisting power also which increase the self confidence.


Sex Problems

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    Night Fall Medicine | Swapan Dosh Churn

    675.00 585.00

    It is not a disease to say , it is a stop for the ages of all children when it is entering adolescence, hence there is no reason to panic. Because it happens to all people only if there are two or three turnover in dream month, there is no problem of trouble but it has been seen that some people have it every day, now it becomes a serious topic. Because it is causing great harm to the body.

    Night fall is a natural process in the age of about 16 in young males. It happens 2 to 3 times in a month it is said normal dnt wry but is it increases number of times then it is a cronic problem .It damage the whole personality of the people and makes them week from every side.

    Swapan dosh nashak churn helps to make normal this problem.


    • Disorder in all functions
    • Weakness of body
    • Memory and weakness of eyes
    • Do not eat food in the body
    • Fail from sleep properly Dizziness by number
    • Pain in knees
    • Erectile dysfunction
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    Powerful Oil Medicine | Bal Shakti Vardhak Tel

    800.00 715.00

    The massage of this oil brings a new life in the lifeless veins and the muscles are also formed. The lifeless read tissues are fully enlightened and begin to work. Massaging this oil on every body of  the body, it accelerates its blood flow and puts a new life.

    It is very powerful oil it makes the muscles strong and powerful . It improves the size of the body.

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    Dysfunction Medicine | Youn Bal Vardhak Churn

    1,150.00 1,105.00

    Manee G Pharma ka YOUN BAL VARDHAK CHURN OR TEL(oil) are helpful in eliminating impotence of men. This powder helps in increasing the amount of sperm which prevents the thickening of semen in the semen. It takes more time to get it out which increases sex time and is fully enzyme. This oil is very miraculous, massaging it increases blood circulation and tension increases in the muscles.

    Youn bal vardhak churn is useful for impotency .It improves the quantity of sperms and makes it thick which controls the problem of disfunction.

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    Sex Booster Churn | Youn Shakti Vardhak Churn

    900.00 845.00

    It improves the sexual weakness  in a man. This weakness can be due to heavy busy schedule in life and high tension in the mind . Due to which marital life of a person goes disturbed. It makes crazy and improves the interest for sex and full fill the life with happiness. The oil gives the strength to the male organ. It improves hardness. It effects on sizes also.

    Youn shakti vardhak churn is useful for those people who does not have any felling for sex. This churn increases the felling of sex to be normal in life.

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